MagnoTherm Solutions is a start-up company from Technische Universität Darmstadt with world leading expertise in permanent magnets and magnetic cooling. We are a spin-off from Functional Materials group, led by Prof. Oliver Gutfleisch. In 2019, MagnoTherm Solutions GmbH was founded.

Our technology, based on solid state materials and water, is capable of replacing standard gas compression cooling or heating solutions in compliance with current and future f-gase regulation standards.


Prof. Dr. Oliver Gutfleisch
Dr. Tino Gottschall
Ulysse Rocabert


Our developed cutting-edge energy conversion solutions allow cooling and heating with low pressure systems and is 40% more efficient than current systems. At the same time, it is non-toxic, explosion free and non-imflammable. It is scalable in all sizes without loss in efficiency and can be used for thermal energy conversion units in decentralized, mid-range powered applications. With our 100% green technology, we are able to meet the world’s fast growing demand of clean and sustainable cooling and heating applications.

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